Microsoft Office Project Level 1

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Microsoft Office Project Level 1 from SGL Technologies is the first in a series of two professional courses that are designed for those who want to learn how to use Microsoft Office Project. It is a 1 day course that covers all the skills necessary to become a more successful project manager by using the support and features that are included in the the Microsoft Office Project program.

About this Course
This professional course will take you through how to create project plans, organize tasks, create and assign resources and implement projects. That is, all the steps that are required for a resource oriented way of managing projects. You will not only get good results fast, you will also be able to achieve more successful projects with less cost and stress.


Before you register for this course, you should be conversant with the Windows operating system and have an understanding of project management concepts so that you can be adequately prepared for this training to maximize the outcome.


In this training you will be introduced to the project interface and how to handle various tasks, such as creating a project plan, adding tasks and resources to the plan, modifying tasks, and assigning resources to tasks. You will be able to manage and process data that are related to your projects, such as durations, assignments, costs, milestones, deadlines etc.


Microsoft Office Project has been tested by various professionals all over the world, and has proven to be a the most effective tool to support your projects, irrespective of industry.



Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explore the microsoft office project environment and the various views in which you can verify project information.
  • Create a new project plan.
  • Manage tasks by organizing them and setting task relationships.
  • Manage resources in a project plan.
  • Finalize the project plan.




  Getting Started with Microsoft Project

  • Explore the Microsoft Project 2007/2010 Environment
  • Display an Existing Project Plan in Different Views

  Creating a Project Plan

  • Create a New Project Plan
  • Assign a Project Calendar
  • Add Tasks to the Project Plan
  • Enter the Task Duration Estimates
  • Add Resources in the Project Plan

  Managing Tasks in a Project Plan

  • Outline Tasks
  • Add a Recurring Task
  • Link Dependant Tasks
  • Set a Constraint to a Task
  • Set a Task Deadline
  • Add Notes to a Task

  Managing Resources in a Project Plan

  • Create a Resource Calendar
  • Assign Resources to Tasks
  • Assign Additional Resources to a Task
  • Enter Costs for Resources
  • Enter Values for Budget Resources
  • Resolve Resource Conflicts

  Finalizing the Project Plan

  • Display the Critical Path
  • Shorten the Project Duration
  • Set a Baseline
  • Print a Project Summary Report

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