Are You Passionate About Classroom Training?

Join our league of over 25 highly experienced and certified technical facilitators.

Because Instructor’s effective delivery is based on the understanding and mastery of course subject and how he/she accurately communicates to the students.

Instructor’s credibility and confidence enhances a high level performance such that it has a huge positive impact on the learning experience for students, and can tilt the scales on whether students love the course or they don’t.

Therefore, at SGL, we engage highly experienced and certified instructors as freelance or fulltime, to ensure the quality delivery.

We ensure our instructors follow best practices and minimum requirements to pass our Quality Review Process for a fulfilling learning experience by our students.

That is why we are constantly engaging qualified instructors and also retraining them to make interactive and retentive learning possible in the classroom.

Go through our course list on the wesite, If this cap fits you, please apply.

What You Need To Possess:

  • A high level  passion for teaching and sharing knowledge
  • Technical background and expertise with relevant certifications
  • A  total commitment to develop and deliver best-in-class training to a global audience

Your Benefits:

  • Apply As Instructor: Share your knowledge and reach millions of potential students.
  • Earn Extra Income: Once you deliver a course at any of our centers, you’ll earn extra income as a freelance or get fully paid as full time instructor.
  • Get support: Take advantage of our teaching resources, our support team, or join our active community of instructors to help you grow your knowledge and skill.
  • Train The Trainer Program: You can apply for Instructor Certification Program – (CTT+)
  • Inspire students: Help students advance their careers, learn new skills, and explore different hobbies by teaching what you’re passionate about.
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