MOBILE appLICATION development
Expert Training Course

Build a career in mobile application development. Learn how to build a mobile app that works across platforms such as Android and iOS. Mobile apps development is a hot skill, the demand for it has only increased over the last decade. This is triggered by the explosion in the use of smartphones with android alone having a staggering two billion-plus global user base.

There are two main approaches for building applications on either or both of the main mobile operating platforms: iOS and Android. You either use native tools that target each platform individually or use cross-platform tools that target both OS with a single codebase


The following subjects are taught during this course:

Option A: React JS/ React Native  

Option B: Angular JS/ Ionic

  • React/ Angular, JSX, Props, State
  • React/ Ionic Native
  • Lists, User Input
  • Components, Views, User Input, Debugging
  • Debugging
  • Navigation
  • Data
  • Expo Components
  • Redux
  • Asyno Redux, Tools
  • Performance
  • Deploying, Testing 

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