Printer & Photocopier Repair
Training Course

SGL Institute is a leading training centre for Printers and Photocopiers, Solar and Inverter, Laptops, Mobiles and Desktop computers, Access Control etc. We are pioneers in providing quality education along with complete practical knowledge and we are known for converting students into working professionals.

Printer & Photocopier Repair

  • Highly Practical,
  • 100% Zero startup capital for Self Employment ,
  • Live practical on Various Brand & Model,
  • Free Study Materials,
  • Free Tool Kit.
  • Graduate or Working Professionals can Join 
  • No Prior Technical Education Required.
  • We require only interest and no age barrier  
  • Anybody can learn Printer Repairing Training Course with just basic knowledge.

Skills you will gain

Course Overview

  • Module 1: Printer Repair
  •  Module 2:  Photocopier Repair


  • Basic Concept of DeskJet Printer
  • Assembly & Parts Demo,
  • Dismantling &Reassembling HP DeskJet Printer,
  • Parts Identify with Troubleshooting,
  • Paper Feeder Sensor,
  • Door Sensor


  • Laser Printer Working Concept,
  • Importance & Introduction,
  • Common Fault & Equality of Printer,
  • Circuit Concept,
  • Refilling Cartage,
  • PCB Concept,
  • Control Unit,
  • Power Unit,
  • Lens Assembly,
  • Scanner Device


  • Basic Concept of Dot Matrix Printer,
  • Mechanism, Daisy, Chain,
  • Drum Printer,
  • Printer Head Working,
  • Power Supply,
  • Processor section,
  • Pin head Refurbish,
  • SMPS board Concept,
  • Stepper Motors,
  • DMP & PCB Concept


  • Cartridge Toner Refilling

 Module 2:  Photocopier Repair


The Photocopier Repairing Training Course is well taught by highly experienced facilitators with both technical and field knowledge.

 We are very proud that most of our students, after successfully completing their training, were self-employed and serving many reputed organizations.

Course Learning Outcome Includes

printing machine
  • Photocopier and printing history.
  • Photocopier principles of operation and theory.
  • Thermal processes & electro-mechanical operations.
  • Basic electricity and electronics.
  • Testing logic boards and other component systems.
  • Electrical and Electronic Components.
  • Mechanical Components.
  • Photocopier Theory.
  • All Photocopier Error Code.
  • Photocopier Printing Problem.
  • Photocopier Mechanical Problem.
  • Photocopier Electrical Problem.
  • Photocopier Troubleshooting.
  • Complete Rebuilds.
  • General Maintenance.
  • Calibration Process.

Course Outline

  • Photocopier Use, History, Principles of Operation and Theory. Thermal Processes and Electro-Mechanical Operations.
  • Basic Electricity, Electronics, Boards and Other Components testing Logic and Digital Multi Meter Using.
  • All Troubleshooting and Repairing of Various Brand & Model Photocopier Machine.
  • All Phases, Functions, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Components.
  • Full Disassembly and Reassembly of Various Brand & Model Digital Photocopier.
  • Computer Fundamentals & Home Networking.

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